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Costa Rica News - 12/11/2018
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12/08/2018 -  She lived a - powerful and independent' life. Then came the horror in Costa Rica - 09:23 PM

Taking orders from an elder wasn't exactly how Carla Stefaniak operated, so, when she was told to do a chore, the self-proclaimed rebel was quick to state her case. "You're not my mom, so you can't tell me what to do.

12/08/2018 -  Donkey ball draws a crowd to support CCHS spring break trip to Costa Rica - 03:04 PM

As the Spanish teacher at Culver Community High School, Lute is preparing to take 20 students to Costa Rica next March for a 10-day spring break trip. "As a high school student I traveled to Mexico and Spain, and it really changed my point of view on the world and the world around me and my community, and I owe it I think to the kids to give them that opportunity," Lute said.

12/08/2018 -  Crossroads knows the way to San Jose - 02:22 AM

Obed Fernandez visits with his brother Daniel Buller, in San Jose, Costa Rica, in January.

12/07/2018 -  Fish Rap: Recent storms help create ideal feeding habitat for surfperch - 07:24 AM

This big barred surfperch was reeled in at a mid-town beach by avid fisherwoman Kelly Borges early last week. Continuing storm fronts moving through our area provide hope for a reasonably wet winter.

12/07/2018 -  What we can learn from the world's centenarians - 03:13 AM

One of the daunting challenges of changing our lifestyle to a healthier one is our motivation. Do we care about our own health? Do we want a better quality of life, both physically and mentally? Do we want to live to enjoy our children and their children? Or do we want to be part what we see happening all around us: a slow decline into unhealthiness for a decade or so, living daily with a cane, a wheelchair, an oxygen tank, tons of medication, cloudy thinking and unwell feelings? Of course, we may already be experiencing some of the symptoms of failing health.

12/06/2018 -  Video shows perp walk of security guard accused of murdering Miami woman in her Costa Rica Airbnb - 11:04 PM

Newly-released footage shows officers escorting 32-year-old Bismark Espinosa Martinez to a police van in handcuffs on Tuesday in San Jose Stefaniak's body was discovered behind the Airbnb where she was staying on Monday, one week after she vanished during the 36th birthday trip Her father Carlos Caicedo, who identified her body on Tuesday evening, spoke of the 'tragic' death during a tearful press conference Wednesday The victim told a friend in a FaceTime call last Tuesday she was planning to meet up with the security guard to ask him to buy her water because it was storming An autopsy found stab wounds on her arms and neck, while the cause of death was determined to be a blow to the head Video shows the moment a security guard accused of murdering a Miami woman at her Airbnb in Costa Rica was taken into custody by local authorities this week.

12/05/2018 -  Florida woman who failed to return home after her Costa Rican birthday trip is confirmed dead - 06:53 PM

One of the last photographs taken of Carla Stefaniak in Costa Rica shows the 36-year-old Florida woman wearing a white spa robe and dark sunglasses, her hair loose and slightly wavy. Sitting on an open balcony surrounded by a lush rain forest, she holds up a mug of coffee.

12/05/2018 -  Canada Rouge A319 at Liberia on Dec 2nd 2018, could not retract gear, multiple ECAM messages - 02:27 PM

An Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319-100, registration C-GARO performing flight RV-1735 from Liberia to Toronto,ON with 131 passengers and 5 crew, was climbing out of Liberia's runway 07 when the crew could not retract the landing gear, a number of messages appeared on the ECAM display. The crew declared PAN PAN PAN and requested vectors for troubleshooting.

12/05/2018 -  Turtle rescued with plastic cup wrapped around its neck - 09:48 AM

The animal was rescued in Costa Rica after government workers saw it with its head poking through the broken white cup. This time the turtle was lucky, but many others are still trapped inside waste like this, which can constrict their growth.

12/05/2018 -  Yoga in Costa Rica: Pura Vida Wellness - 01:01 AM

Costa Rica has become the go-to place for yoga retreats. In 2017, a "Pura Vida Wellness" campaign was launched by the government, to springboard off the already solid yoga and meditation destination platforms here.

12/04/2018 -  Body found near Costa Rican villa where Florida woman stayed - 03:57 PM

Costa Rican authorities say they've found a body behind an AirBnB villa where a missing South Florida woman was staying during a vacation to celebrate her 36th birthday. Officials with Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Department said Monday that they haven't yet identified the body found half-buried and covered with plastic bags.

12/04/2018 -  Tourist missing in Costa Rica; body found in yard of AirBnB - 03:56 PM

Costa Rican authorities say they've found a body behind an AirBnB villa where a missing Florida woman was staying during a vacation to celebrate her birthday. Officials with Costa Rica's Judicial Investigation Department said Monday that they haven't yet identified the body found half-buried and covered with plastic bags.

12/03/2018 -  U.S. woman who disappeared in Costa Rica left ominous last message - 01:56 PM

Family members are desperate for information on the whereabouts of Carla Stefaniak, who was alone on vacation in Costa Rica when all communication stopped. left her home near Miami less than two weeks ago, her family says she was looking forward to spending time in Costa Rica with her sister-in-law, to celebrate her 36th birthday.

12/03/2018 -  Family worries Tampa woman Carla Stefaniak may have been kidnapped in Costa Rica - 01:56 PM

But she didn't get on the plane, and all the family has gotten from the Costa Ricans who may have seen her is that Carla just decided to check out of her accommodations at five in the morning. Her family members, who still live in Tampa, last heard from her at 8 p.m. Tuesday, according to a GoFundMe page .

12/01/2018 -  V on Fellow Angelina Mosher Salazar Became A Reporter Through Podcasts - 09:34 PM

Angelina Mosher Salazar said the fellowship let her jump right in and get to work, for which she is incredibly grateful. Angelina Mosher Salazar did not always plan on being a reporter.

11/30/2018 -  Longtime Tampa resident Carla Stefaniak disappears in Costa Rica - 06:05 PM

A former longtime resident of Tampa has vanished in Costa Rica, according to justice officials in the Central American nation. Federal investigators say 36-year-old Carla Stefaniak, whose last known address was in Broward County, was reported missing Wednesday.

11/28/2018 -  Janesville woman wins $15,998 on 'Wheel of Fortune' - 01:51 AM

Sheri Holcomb of Janesville holds the name tag she wore as a contestant on 'Wheel of Fortune' in October. The episode aired Monday.

11/27/2018 -  The Lumineers, 5 Seconds of Summer, Jeff Goldblum to Perform at Al... - 11:35 PM

On December 3-4, former US Vice President Al Gore will host The Climate Reality Project's eighth-annual 24 Hours of Reality broadcast - 24 Hours of Reality: Protect Our Planet, Protect Ourselves - a 24-hour live event exploring how the climate crisis is threatening human health worldwide.

11/24/2018 -  Trump takes bid to restrict transgender troops to Supreme Court - 01:27 AM

President Donald Trump's administration on Friday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review lower court rulings blocking a policy barring certain transgender people from military service, declining to wait for decisions from federal appeals courts currently considering the issue. The flag of diversity flutters at the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, as a show of support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Costa Rica, June 3, 2016.

11/21/2018 -  LGBTQ World News Digest: 9 International Stories You Need to Know About - 08:15 PM

HONG KONG . Police arrest 21-year-old who stripped to underwear at Gay Pride march : 'The man, who was wearing only his underwear with a red rope tied around his waist was taken away by police at 4.30pm on Hennesy Road, Wanchai, and later released on bail"[He] exposed his private part in view of [the] public," said the police when approached by HKFP over the incident.


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