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We accept the following Ad Sizes:

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You will see Google advertising on various pages.  Paid advertising will ALWAYS be placed ahead of Google Ads or any "house" ads.

Highly Targeted Advertising

Your ads will be highly targeted as your ad will be on only the pages related to your business. You may purchase ad space either by the PAGE or by the ZONE.

Our zone system serves your ad to pages that you select or are relevant to your business.  When you set up advertising here, you will have a choice of any zone or zones you wish to use or you can select just one page.

If you chose zone advertising, your ad will be served to ALL pages in that zone where we accept advertising.

Current Zones

1Costa RicaGeneral information on Costa RicaApprox. 5 pages
2Costa Rica BusinessCosta Rica Business RelatedApprox. 6 pages
3Government in Costa RicaInformation on the Government, linksApprox. 5 pages
4Health and EducationPages on Health, Medical, EducationApprox. 11 pages
5 Health Only Pages only concerning Health issues Approx. 6 Pages
6Living in Costa RicaPages devoted to life in Costa Rica Approx. 21 pages
7Moving to Costa RicaInformation on relocating to Costa RicaApprox. 11 pages
8Real Estate Costa RicaProperty information, ownership, renting, property rights, articlesApprox. 5 pages
9Technology in Costa RicaTechnology, phones, cell phones, Internet and infrastructureApprox. 4 pages
10Ecology and Eco-tourismRelevant eco-information, bird watching, eco-toursApprox. 3 pages
11Travel to Costa Rica, tours, tourism, accommodations, entertainmentAll travel related pagesApprox. 26 pages
12Residency in Costa RicaAll pages pertaining to ResidencyApprox 4 pages

We will be adding and updating pages.  If a page is added to your zone, your ad will be served to that page at no additional cost for the term of your contract.

Single Ads

A single ad can be also be placed on any page you wish except the welcome page.  An example might be a company specializing in Costa Rican Residency who would like their single ad on pages pertaining to residency in Costa Rica.  A Travel Agent might want only one ad on a specific page.  Therefore, your ad will be shown to those who have expressed an interest in the subject by clicking to that location or using our state-of-the-art, database-driven search engine.


Ad Rates

for ad rates, contact us at adgroup@therealcostarica.com Make sure you specify ad size and landing page for your ad.


Ad Sizes


To assure fast loading of all pages, ads may be no larger than 50k for 125 X 125, 60k for 125 x 240 and 100k for 120 x 600.  Links to ads will always open a new window to your web site.

Larger ad sizes will always have priority positions.  Only ONE each of the two larger sizes will be accepted per page.

Tasteful animation is acceptable, but we do not want our pages to be so distracting that, like many web sites, our visitors are confused about what to click or where to go. 


Ads may be changed or relocated to other pages once every 30 days.  This means you can examine the site statistics and move your ad to other zones or locations that either may draw more clicks or simply have more traffic.  If you wish to change ads more often, a small charge may apply.  You may add additional ads at any time.  Added ads will be prorated in one month blocks. 

Length of run time and Ad costs

Ad space is sold only in 3 month, six month or one year periods.

Contact Us

Should you wish to advertise here, please write to us , providing information on your company, your web site and include your phone number and your name.  Browse the web site to determine which zone, zones or individual pages are best for your business.  We will contact you with a firm quote for the first six months.

Web Statistics

We use Google Web Analytics and our online Ad-Server to accurately count exposure and clicked links.

To see the 25 most popular (visited) pages, contact us.

Remember that your ad will appear on those pages directly related to your business, so when someone chooses to go to that page, they are actively seeking information on that topic. You get a MUCH better and qualified response.

Additionally, you will receive an email bi-weekly or monthly so that you can examine the results of your advertising.

Advertising hint!

It is a proven fact in web marketing that if your web site receives a lot of traffic or click-throughs from sites such as ours, but you are not getting the business you expect, you should examine the content and the appearance of your web site.  Make sure it is clear and easy to understand.  Make sure your visitor clearly can see what you have to offer, your pricing, and most important, how to order or contact you.  Use high quality graphics.  Make sure each page loads quickly.  Check to see that your web site is not cluttered and hard to read or understand.

Thank You!

The Ad Group

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